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Reading Challenge

#16in16 Reading Challenge at the SCF Libraries

In 2016... resolve to read!


16in16 Reading Challenge

Sponsored by the SCF Libraries


1. Register for the Challenge!

2. Read 16 books during 2016 with these characteristics:

  1. A book published for the first time in 2016
  2. A national book award winner
  3. A memoir or autobiography
  4. A book with a city in the title
  5. A book published on the year you were born
  6. A dystopian novel
  7. A book written by an author from a culture different than your own
  8. A murder mystery
  9. A comedy or funny book
  10. A book recommended by a librarian
  11. A book with no words
  12. A book that has been translated into English
  13. A book that takes place on an island
  14. A young adult (YA) book
  15. A nonfiction book
  16. A novel in verse

⇒  Go to Reading Suggestions


3. Complete a bookmark with the list of titles you read.

(You can get a bookmark at the SCF Libraries or download a copy.)


3. Bring your list at the end of the year to get an invitation to our exclusive "16in16 Reading Celebration" (Special prizes included!)

Follow up!

During the year, you'll get sporadic e-mails with suggestions and updates.

You can also post your progress with hashtags #16in16 and #SCFLibraries or #ResolvetoRead in any social media sites you use (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc...)

The SCF Libraries staff and librarians will be posting too! We will give you recommendations or exchange information on where to find books for the different categories...


Wellness Points!

Students:  If you complete the 16 books by the end of any SEMESTER, you'll get 100 points. 

Staff:  Complete the 16 books at the end of the year and get 10 points (see a Library Staff member to initial your list of books.)



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