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SCF Collegiate School

Information on accessing library resources appropriate for SCF-CS assignments

Preparing to research

First things first

Before you start searching for information, stop and think:

  • Keywords: make a list of important words or expressions, synonyms, combinations, names, places, etc.
  • Types of sources:  Where can you find information? What types do you need?
  • Where are they?:  Know the library website, library catalog, library databases.

Library website banner


Then, start your research with these three steps:


Step 1: The "catalog"

Step 1: Search the Library Catalog

Look for BOOKS, eBOOKS, & more...

Catalog Search for Books

Step 2: The "databases"

Step 2: Search inside the Library databases

  • Look at the list of recommended databases (or ask a librarian!)
  • Open the database:  LOG IN = G00 number/Password = Last four #
  • Do your search with keywords inside the database. 
  • Select "Full Text" when available.
  • Send to your email the articles you think you might use.
Recommended databases for general topics:
Recommended databases for Science or environmental topics:
Recommended databases to get statistics, facts, & figures:

Step 3: Use & Cite

Step 3:  Use your sources responsibly
  • Create citations (MLA or APA, depending on your teacher's instructions.)
  • Use "citation tools" but... BEWARE! They might not be perfect.
  • Make notes about your source and keep them next to the citation information.
  • Make a list of all your sources cited in alphabetical order, with the notes underneath, and that makes an "Annotated Bibliography"!


Check this tutorial about making an Annotated Bibliography: