ENC 1102 and LIT 2020 : Short Stories -- Literature Criticism Research: Core Resources

Short stories are sometimes more difficult to research than a book or poem. This guide has proven, respected resources for most short stories assigned in ENC 1102 assignments. Need to "see" how it is done? Check out the Librarian Demo.

Recommended Databases

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Core Resources : Need to find research resources on short stories? Key SCF Library databases, eLibraries, digital video and more.

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Gale Virtual Reference Library
Literature Resource Center
Literature Criticism Online
Literary Reference Center
Humanities Full Text (EBSCO)
eBook Collection (EBSCO)

SCF sign in is your G#. The PIN is the last 4 digits of your G#.

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"A Conversation with my Father." Grace Paley.

Gale Virtual Reference Library includes the full text of the following works:  Literary Newsmakers for Students, Literary Themes for Students, Novels for Students and Short Stories for Students.

Literature Resource Center includes full text articles from reference books and scholarly journals. Another feature of this database is a link to The Gale Literary Index, which lists more references in print materials. Can limit search to primary source document. Includes Short Story Criticism.

Literature Criticism Online includes the full text of Short Story Criticism.

Literary Reference Center is a full text database that includes literary criticism, biographies, plot summaries, book reviews, poems, short stories and novels.

Humanities Full Text EBSCO is a wide ranging database that not only includes literary criticism, but is excellent for finding and researching historical, world view and topical issues in various contexts.


eBook Collection (EBSCO) - Contains Bloom Literary Criticism Series "How to Write About.."and others. To the right, "How to Write about William Faulkner" and "Short Story Writers and Short Stories" which contains many short story writers covered by ENC assignments.





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