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ENC 1102 and LIT 2020 : Short Stories -- Literature Criticism Research

Short stories are sometimes more difficult to research than a book or poem. This guide has proven, respected resources for most short stories assigned in ENC 1102 assignments. Need to "see" how it is done? Check out the Librarian Demo.

Librarian Demo/Overview for Short Story Research


If you cannot play this video, go HERE.

If you cannot play this video, go HERE.

Short Story Research Script


Hello, my name is Rhonda K. Kitchens. I’m a librarian at Venice Campus Library and can often be located online.


The main page that pulls together all the library’s resouces is  When you click on full text in the Library catalog or go into databases you will be prompted for a log in.  It is your G#.  The 0 are zeroes. The PIN is unlike any other sign in you have on the campus. It is the last 4 digits of your G#. 



You can reach the Library website from the main college page or by going to   From there or the library catalog,  select Databases by Subject.



The Library has over 100 databases. But not all of them contain searchable full text literary journals.  In fact, one of the greatest downfalls in doing literary research is finding brief, substandard book reviews.  Artemis Literary Resources is our new super search for literature. It combines two other databases into one. It is a great place to start.  Literary Reference Center plus has literary criticisms, but it also has a lot of plot summaries and book reviews. There are ways to navigate it on a scholarly level.


Virtual Reference Library is a database of reference books from many disciplines. But with a little skill, it too can be used successfully for literary research.  This video has been set up into chapters if you’d like to skip one of these. The following are librarian demos for Artemis. Literary Reference Online and Virtual Reference Library.


Video Step by Step.

Under the Literature section of Database by Subject, go to Artemis. Select Advanced search.

Go to Content type and select “Literary Criticism”

Under Subjects there are themes and other concepts specific to the work to explore.


At the top of the search results you can – (minus) out search terms. To the left, you can add more in the search box.

When you go into the article at the top it allows for email, print , listen and download. It also has citation tools that will upload to our RefWorks. If you do not have a RefWorks account, you can still use the citation that is shown. Just make sure to correct it as the spacing and other items aren’t usually correct.  Use the Library’s Writing and Citing page to assist or ask a librarian in person or via Ask A Librarian services.



Go to Advanced Search. Go to Document Type. Select Literary Criticism.

In the search field type in “Tell Tale Heart.’  Select drop down box  “AT Title of Work.”

In search results, make sure to select work over a page.  Sometimes brief reviews or book reviews appear in the search results.


To edit your search you can use the Boolean operators: And , Not and Or.  If you want to make sure the criticism covers a theme or incident, use this function. AND accident searching full text will find an article with that references that incident.  NOT accident would exclude those articles.

Above the article you can choose to listen to the article. On the right are tools to print, email, save and cite. When using the citation, again, copy and correct. Don’t copy and use. 



Go to Virtual Reference Gale. Select Advanced Search.


Select  “keyword” and type in “tell tale heart.” By putting it in quotes it searches as a phrase.


Next field select Publication Title.  Select Novels for Students.  It also has Poetry for Students, Short Stories for Students, literary theme works and more.

There’s many chapters to choose from that are useful for your research. Themes is particularly helpful. However, if you’ve been directed to use literary criticisms, select CRITICISM.  This isn’t hundred pages of criticisms.  Each criticism run from author to author.


The citation tools on this database are not correct. They aren’t specific enough to citing the individual essays. See our Writing and Citing page under MLA for help for citing an essay in an anthology.

If you aren’t an enthusiastic reader, you may find this database to be the best to use.


And always remember, the Library staff is here to help with research.  Call us, chat with us, email us, text us, make an appointment face to face or online – we are available to students.





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