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What are book awards?

And the winner is...

Each year, different organizations or groups associated with reading, literature, language, and libraries, select

the best books based on specific categories to give them special "Book Awards."


Who gives the Awards?

Some of the well known awards are selected by the American Library Association (ALA) and its affiliates; others are selected by English or literature teachers' associations, publishers, and other organizations.


Who chooses the winners?

The ALA or other associations designate special committees, whose members read, review, and vote on the books published each year. Members are usually librarians, teachers, publishers, and other book reviewers with experience and knowledge of children and youth literature, illustration, and the book production process.

The American Library Association (ALA) is composed of different divisions: there is a children's division (ALSC), a young adults division (YALSA), etc.) and these organizations form the committees.


What are the main awards?

The Newbery Medal (for children's literature) and the Caldecott Medal (for picture books) are two of the most notable awards.


Are there other medals, besides those two?

Yes! And very important ones! 

The Young Adults Library Services Association (YALSA) gives medals to the best books for teenagers, such as: 

Printz Award, Alex Award, etc.

Some awards are given to the best translated books (Batchelder Award), or books for beginning readers (Theodore Geigel-Dr. Seuss Award), or even for books in other formats (audiobooks, videos, etc.)

There are also awards that celebrate different aspects of diversity:

Ethnic or culturally diverse experiences: The Coretta Scott King Award or the Pura Belpré Award are two examples, the last one being co-sponsored by REFORMA, the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-speaking.

Books that address the LGBT experience, or living with disabilities, such as the Stonewall Award or the Schneider Family Award, and many more!


To find out more about the ALA Youth Media Awards or see a list of all the awards, visit this page.