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SYG 2000: Sociology Research

Resources to support social science information literacy.

TIPS: SYG 2000 Research


  Learn to navigate the library databases

  Find scholarly research articles

 Cite your work properly in MLA8 or APA citation styles

Google/Bing searches for substantive academic material that will substantiate your position WILL NOT do. 
Use selected databases to find the required
Four required databases.


How To Identify a Scholarly Article

How To Identify a Scholarly Article

TIPS: Scholarly sources are those produced and reviewed by people with recognized expertise in a particular field of study. Scholarly articles are found in scholarly journals - sometimes called peer-reviewed journals. SCF subscribes to databases that provide these academic resources.

To find a scholarly article in a database you can often check a box that limits your search to peer-reviewed journals. This box is sometimes found on a Basic Search, but almost always on an Advanced Search in a database.

Ways to identify an online scholarly or peer-reviewed article:

  • Author(s) - Clearly identified author(s) usually with credentials

  • References -  lists of works cited at the end

  • Title -  usually descriptive, lengthy and uses professional terms

  • Length -  is the article 5 pages or longer?

  • Ask  - check with your Librarian or Professor

  • Review - look at the elements of the article. Make sure it has what the assignment requires, such as, tables, conclusions, methodology and other research articles elements.
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