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ISC 1143: Intro to Environmental Science

Research topics and resources for ISC 1143.

Parts of a Research Article - slides

Scholarly vs. Popular video

Check out this video - about 3 min.

Recommended Databases

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Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) 
WHAT: Featuring thousands of full-text journals, this scholarly collection offers unmatched coverage of information spanning a broad range of important areas of academic study.  
WHY:  A very general database that covers most topics.  
TIPS:  A good way to begin searching a topic with a broad perspective. Use it to narrow down your choices. 
TUTORIALS:   Available to users under HELP link on upper right of screen after sign in. Includes tips on basic search, truncation and more.

General Science Full Text (EBSCO)
WHAT: Contains both scholarly and popular overviews of scicence including microbiology, medicine, mathematics, plant biology, physics, meteorology, oceanogpaphy, parks conservation and more. Graphs, charts, diagrams, photos, and illustrations visually support scientific information found in many of these journals.

WHY: This database covers all the natural sciences. Use it to expand your search.
TIPS: Use key terms in in the Lead Paragraph Search to narrow down search to articles most likely on topic.
TUTORIALS: Available to users under HELP link on upper right of screen after sign in. Includes tips on basic search, truncation and more.

Topics covered include global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. If the topic is about "green" industry, science or policies, this database provides sound coverage.

WHY: This database covers most topics in environmental science.
TUTORIALS: Available to users under HELP link on upper right of screen after sign in. Includes tips on basic search, truncation and more.

WHAT: A new online resource that offers authoritative content on the development of emerging green technologies and discusses issues on the environment, sustainability and more.
WHY: Like GreenFile, this database is exclusively dedicated to environmental topics, and it has a great organization by type of document. It also includes a section on Case Studies and a Map to find topics by geographical regions.
TIPS: Use the tab "Browse Issues and Topics" when you are deciding on your topic.
TUTORIALS: On the top of the page, click "Toolbox" for instructions and a Guided Tour of the site.
Science in Context :  This full-text database has a wide array of scientific subject matter from high school to university level. Content is organized by type - academic, reference, news, primary sources, multimedia and more.
WHY: Includes a variety of magazines from Bioscience Technology, ChemicalWeek, New Scientist, The Engineer, Technology and Learning and more from Avionics to Zoology.
TIPS: Offers subject headings "Earth & Environmental Science" providing narrower topics and ideas.
TUTORIALS: Search Tips | Navigating the Homepage | Searching | Topic Pages & Documents
WHAT: Presents a broad range of scientific disciplines through extensive definitions, essays, diagrams, biographies, and experiments.
WHY: This new database covers scientific topics beyond environmental issues. It also includes timelines and conversion calculators.
TIPS: Look for the type of documents to find the best resource for your needs, from a simple definition to an essay.
TUTORIALS: The HELP section includes instructions on how to email or print articles, watch videos, etc.


WHAT:  In a language and format designed specifically for students, it presents the latest scientific discoveries and the fundamental concepts that underlie them. Drawing on major scientific journals, magazines, and newspapers in the United States and abroad, Today's Science covers all the topics that today's students need: health, the environment, technology, life science, physical science, earth and space science, and science and society.
WHY: Today's Science bridges the gap between textbooks and what is happening in science today. Get the latest in science here.
TIPS: Explore the "Need a Research Topic?" section to browse options and to narrow down your topic.
TUTORIALS:  The HELP section includes instructions on how to email or print articles, watch videos, etc.

Earth & Environmental Science eJournal Collection (Springer)
What: Earth and environmental sciences journals covers a range of publications in topics spanning the unchartered depths of the oceans to the outer reaches of our atmosphere; works that include research on the physical makeup of the earth, its history as a fragile environment, the analysis of pollutants and their effects on food, the atmosphere and life. This database also includes works on environmental policy – identifying how human behavior can be modified in the future to help minimize problems such as groundwater contamination and ozone layer depletion. Also includes geology and geophysics concerning the composition, structure and physical aspects of the earth.

WHY:  This resource covers most topics for ISC1143.
TIPS:  Use the "Content Type" box on the left side of the results page to look specifically for articles or books.

TUTORIALS:  SpringerLINK Quick Reference Guide (PDF) |

Searching Tips

  • Below are examples of keywords and phrases that can be helpful in searching environmental topics.

Environmental sciences
Environmental policy
Waste products
Refuse and refuse disposal                                           
Hazardous wastes
Recycling (Waste, etc.)
Green products

Environmental law
Environmental monitoring
Environmental toxicity
Organic farming
Biotic Communities
Natural disasters -- Environmental aspects
Ecosystem health, Ecosystem management...
Recycling industry


SEE ALSO: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Terms of the Environment : Glossary, Abbreviations and Acronymns.

-Search phrases using " ".  
  Example: video games = "video games".
-Use truncation if you are not sure about the ending of your search term. ? or *
  Example: Expen?    =     Expense, Expensive, Expenditure

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