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FAQs : How to Find Scholarly Articles in the State College of Florida Library Databases

Find scholarly or peer reviewed articles in the SCF Libraries databases and even Google Scholar.

Librarian Demo : How to Find a Scholarly Article Three Ways




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Hello, my name is Rhonda K. Kitchens. I’m a librarian at the Lakewood Ranch and Venice Campus Library and can often be located online via the Library chat, text and email Ask A Librarian Service.



Our Frequently Asked Questions on finding scholarly research has a many ways to look at resources.  I’d like to show you the anatomy of a scholarly article before we go into the scholarly databases so you understand further what we’re looking for when looking at search results. It is key to remember, just because it is in a scholarly journal, it doesn’t make it a scholarly article.


Title : Usually uses professional language and terms.  Often has a subtitle and is somewhat lengthy.


Authors: Identified with credible institutions. Frequently there is also an ethics statement.

 Introduction or Literature Survey describing and attributing what researchers read leading up to research.

Research data, charts, tables and other quantitative representations of research and data.

Article text explaining and synthesizing above.

Conclusion stating how the research confirmed or didn't confirm hypothesis. Often this also states things that could have been done differently or how the research will move forward from this article.

 A credible scholarly article will be followed by a usually lengthy list of citations from authoritative sources. 



The Library has over 100 databases. But not all of them are have scholarly journals. 

Best bet for searching for a scholarly article would be Academic Search Complete.

There’s no one search for every topic or thesis, so be sure to ask your Librarian if you have a question.



The main page that pulls together all the library’s resouces is  When you click on full text in the Library catalog or go into databases you will be prompted for a log in.  It is your G#.  The 0 are zeroes. The PIN is unlike any other sign in you have on the campus. It is the last 4 digits of your G#. 



One way to find peer reviewed scholarly articles is to go to the Library Catalog.  Use the all in one search.  Here is a demonstration.




Another way to find scholarly databases is to go to the dropdown box Databases and select SCF Databases.  Here you will find a list of over 100 databases.  If you know the name of the database you can search for it.  But you can also look for a subject, a course or your degree.  Let me show you.




A third way to search for a scholarly article is at a more expert level that many of your Professor’s use.  The Library has set up a customized link that will find what identify what SCF has available to you full text.  Going to regular Google scholar will not get this result.  You have to use our customized link.  I’ll show you how that works.




And always remember, the Library staff is here to help with research.  Call us, chat with us, email us, text us, make an appointment face to face or online – we are available to students.



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