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FAQs : How to Find Scholarly Articles in the State College of Florida Library Databases

Find scholarly or peer reviewed articles in the SCF Libraries databases and even Google Scholar.

Parts of a Scholarly Article

Warning! Just because an article is found in a scholarly journal, it does not mean it is a scholarly article.  Often scholarly journals contain book reviews, letters to the editor, viewpoints and other articles in addition to scholarly ones.

  1. Title : Usually uses professional language and terms.  Often has a subtitle and is somewhat lengthy.
  2. Abstract
  3.  Authors: Identified with credible institutions. Frequently there is also an ethics statement.
  4.  Introduction or Literature Survey describing and attributing what researchers read leading up to research.
  5.  Research data, charts, tables and other quantitative representations of research and data.
  6.  Article text explaining and synthesizing above.
  7. Conclusion stating how the research confirmed or didn't confirm hypothesis. Often this also states things that could have been done differently or how the research will move forward from this article.
  8.  A credible scholarly article will be followed by a usually lengthy list of citations from authoritative sources. 


Click on this image to see how these elements of a scholarly article fit together.

NC State University Libraries. "Anatomy of a Scholarly Article." 2014. Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


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