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FAQs : How to Find Scholarly Articles in the State College of Florida Library Databases

Find scholarly or peer reviewed articles in the SCF Libraries databases and even Google Scholar.


Scholarly vs Popular vs Trade Articles.



  • Original research and news to scholars and professionals.
  • Highly specialized academic, scientific and medical.
  • Written by actual scientists and researchers.
  • Published by professional organization or academic institution.
  • Used the language of the discipline.
  • Research is followed by supporting and mentioned resources in a list of citations.
  • Format usually follows a format, such as, literature survey, study parameters, data, study results and conclusion.
  • Reviewed by committee of peers or organized professional group.




  • Primarily for entertainment or basic information.
  • Appeals to mass audience. Often found in bookstores or at grocery store check out areas.
  • Easy to read and doesn’t use technical language.
  • No citations and often fails to attribute claims and assertions.
  • Usually written by a writer and reviewed by an editor without specialized knowledge or experience in field/discipline.
  • Advertising is obvious as it funds the magazine.




  • Created for members of an industry or business organization.
  • Often written by contributing authors from field or organization staff.
  • Trade related advertisements.
  • Uses the language of the field.
  • Some resources are cited and attributed, though it isn’t a standard.
  • Usually published by a business/trade organization. Sometimes subscriptions are based on joining an organization.
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