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ENC 1101 : Predictive Research Paper ; Professor Barker

Professor Barker's ENC1101 research paper involving forecasting, predicting, researching and determining a historical baseline for a topic.



What it is

These sources are dictionaries, encyclopedias or have essays that define an issue within different contexts and more generally.



What it was

Search the term using keywords specific to history or time frame.

WHAT : Vital scholarly content in more than 50 disciplines. Most works are scholarly and peer reviewed. One of JSTOR's key strengths is that its full text coverage goes centuries back.

WHY: Most databases only go back to the mid 1990s. This database provides a rich scholarly historical context for centuries.
TIPS: Use the Advanced Search, select article, identify start/end date and select Discipline. This is not the best database for current events.

How to Search JSTOR
How to find Journal Content in JSTOR prior to 1923 in the United States and prior to 1870 internationally
Advanced Searching


Other Suggested Databases

for Finding History or WORK:



What It Is Now

Scholarly and newspaper articles to find out about the current state of a topic or idea.

Americas Newspapers (NewsBank)
WHAT: National/International plus college newspapers, blogs, newswires, newsletters,  and TV news/radio transcripts.

WHY:  If the topic is current, it is criticial to find current information. Newspapers are published daily, while a journal or magazine may have a week to months lead time before publish date.
  Use search terms and phrases in the LEAD PARAGRAPH search to better target key articles. To search specifically for opinion or editorial sections, go to search limit SECTION and type in OPINION or EDITORIAL.

TUTORIALS:  Search Tips | PPT Tutor

Scholarly Articles:

Academic Search Complete (EBSCO) 
WHAT: Featuring thousands of full-text journals, this scholarly collection offers unmatched coverage of information spanning a broad range of important areas of academic study.  
This database will find articles on labor, employment and work in most fields.  
  The word "work" pulls up "works" and a host of musical and other unrelated topics.
   Available to Users under HELP link on upper right of screen after sign in. Includes tips on Basic Search, truncation and more.


See also:

Business Source Complete (employment, labor, employees, economic history, employment practices..)

Social Sciences Full Text

Humanities Full Text  ( working class, employment, history )

Opposing Viewpoints in Context (Gale)
WHAT: A database containing articles -- popular, scholarly and newspaper -- and various other media. Find podcasts, videos and images. Also, opinion essays and other support or disagreement with various issues. Test the strength of an argument or find a persuasive topic in this database.
Test your topic and thesis in the search. Also, use to narrow down a large topic to a focused topic.

TIPS: Select ISSUE and review viewpoints to look for topic ideas.
TUTORIALS: Navigating the Home Page | Searching

Under WORK search in Opposing Viewpoints...

What It Will Be

Tips and Ideas for finding predictive analysis or future casting for topics and ideas.

Search the Futurist in Academic Search Complete (EBSCO).

Omni Full Text (EBSCO) - Also a very large database with a wide range of Journal types and topics.
Use keywords with your topic like: forecast*, futur*, predict*. The asterisk is a truncation symbol for EBSCO databases. By using it in forecast*, your search also finds forecasts, forecasted and forecasting. The "New Search By Subject" section to the left of the search results list is often very helpful for finding new terms, keywords and perspectives.

Suggested Websites: - Work
: Non-profit dedicated to "Ideas worth sharing."  Collection of speeches on video.

The Futurist
(only blogs are full text. Search Academic Search Complete for full text articles.)



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