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DE ENC1102: Literary Issues Essay-Eskett: 1) Getting Started

A guide to complete the Literary Issues research paper for Professors Eskett and McCarthy, Dual Enrolled courses at Lakewood Ranch High School.

Your assignment

Literary Issues Essay (3-4 pages plus a works cited page):

The purpose of this essay is to explain and analyze how one of the texts we’ve read can help us understand an issue or problem important to contemporary society. Issues or problems might include (but are not limited to) war, poverty, racism, disease, immigration, or gender inequality. Your paper must include a detailed analysis of the issue and the text you’ve chosen (NOT PLOT!).

How we can help...

For this paper, you are required to use at least one article found by visiting the databases in the SCF Virtual Library, and you will need to cite these correctly in MLA style, both within the text of your paper and on the separate Works Cited page.

Let's get started!

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