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ENC 1102 : Poetry Research & Analysis

Poignant databases, passionate tips, and pleasing resources for Poetry Research.

Why Can't I FInd Anything On My Poem?

4 REASONS You Can't Find Anything on Your Poem:


#1)  There isn't anything. Not every poem ever written by
even a famous poet or writer has literary criticisms written on it.
If your  assignment is specific to finding credible, respected
literary  criticisms on a poem, you will need to select another poem. Simply, let it go.


#2)  Professor Massuci's Contemporary poetry explication
assignment deliberately selects for modern poetry that has
not yet been written about. These poems are not in the Literature Databases.  See this guide for working out a research strategy. 

Strategy to keep this from happening to you : 

Search criticisms first. 

Go to Gale Virtual Reference Library. 

Search Keyword : Your topic succintly. ( Love, war, road ..)

Search Publication Title : Poetry
( this will find a poem on your topic in the series Poetry for Students).

Review results list for a poem you are comfortable working with.



#3)  Less is more.  If you are in a literature
database searching words other than just author
and title, you may be putting in too much information. 
Most do have a way to narrow down to find
criticisms to a theme ( melancholy, sentimentality ..),
but see what is available first, then identify
the themes to use to focus. 

#4)  Spelling.  These databases will not correct your spelling.  They will only say there is zero results.