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FAQs : How to Find Out if the State College of Florida Library Library has A Journal in Full Text: Search

How to search the Library Databases in one search to find the holdings of a journal title.

Journal By Title

Librarian Demo on finding out if SCF Library has Full Text of a Specific Journal



Getting Past the Paywall - Step by Step


This is what a Paywall looks like.  When you select to see full text, it asks for money.


What a paywall looks like


Go to, go to Databases.  Select Journals A-Z



Enter Journal name in search box.  To the right there's a choice of STARTS WITH or CONTAINS.  The latter is a good way to go as so many journals begin with Journal or similar wording.  So, if searching for the Journal of Popular Culture, search Popular Culture. As you type, the search builds a list to choose from.

Journals A-Z search.



You should be taken to the database that holds that journal.  Be sure to check the holding or bibliographic record.  We often don't get all years and frequently the most recent year is not available.  SCF Log In is the G#. The PIN is the last 4 digits of the G#.

Look at the holdings record.




Usually there's an option to "Search with in the Publication" or list of years to select from inside the database that holds the journal title.



Options if the journal isn't found:

Ask a Librarian. Sometimes this search isn't complete and there are other options.

Request it via Interlibrary Loan.  This may take 2 weeks.

Have a Journal Abbreviation and not the title?
This page provides the full title.