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American Government-Professor Rogers: Getting Started

Theresa Smith-Ennis-Librarian

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Theresa Smith-Ennis
8000 S. Tamiami Trail
Venice, Fl 34293


Welcome! In this discussion forum, students are required to make a posting regarding the discussion question(s), respond to discussion threads, address your peers' questions and comment on the material that interests you. Lively discussion is encouraged but respectful participation is expected.

Directions: Two paragraph posting required (minimum 8-10 full sentences in each paragraph or both paragraphs should be minimum 250 words). Put a title above your first paragraph (example: FL Governor's Campaign & Amendment 2 or U.S. Senate race in FL & Amendment 7). Write in complete sentences, proofread, use spell check, and two citations required at the end of each paragraph (use sources shown from the library). Points deducted for misspelled words and incomplete sentences. Separate each paragraph in your posting. Postings due Sunday by 11:59pm. Respond to at least two classmates with comments, questions and/or constructive criticism, but remember to always be professional. 


1st Paragraph: Role-playing as a reporter for you-name-it news, select a campaign race on the 2018 FL ballot and discuss both candidates and their platforms in a fair and balanced way. Describe as you would to someone who is trying to make up his or her mind on who to vote for. Include a summarized bulleted list of highlights/accomplishments for each candidate as well.  2nd Paragraph: Do the same for one of the constitutional amendments on the ballot.