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FAQS: Plagiarism: Getting Started

Selected videos and checklist on tips to avoiding plagiarism..

FAQS: Plagiarism

Learning Objectives
From Research CompanionResearch Companion



To review all videos on Plagiarism, go to Research Companion.  If prompted to log in, the log in is your G#.  The PIN is the last 4 digits of your G#.

Select the "Use Information" tab.

  • Plagiarism (1:55)
  • Using citations (2)—Things to cite (1:56)
  • Summarizing (1:30)
  • Paraphrasing (1:18)
  • Quoting (2:19)



Prefer a more fun, upbeat video ?  Check out this video from Rutger's University.  It has 3 parts. "The Cite is Right."


From Research CompanionResearch Companion

Prefer a more detailed checklist?  Check out this one from Curtin University.