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ENC 1102 : Literature Research, Professor Margarette Knutsen

Questions for Short Stories

Questions for Short Stories 

Instructor: Margarette Knutsen


 1. When was this story written?


2.  What is the setting of the story?  Does the setting in any way help to set the mood of the story?


3.  Who is your favorite character in the story? Explain. Who is your least favorite character in the story? Explain.


4. What is happening in the story?


5. Do the characters, setting and plot match the time frame in which the story was written? Explain.


6. Identify the conflicts and their causes in the story?  How are they resolved?


7.  Identify the literary devices in the story.  how does the author use language and literary devices to enhance the story?


8.  Explain the theme of the story.


9.  What are the strong points of the story?  What are the weaknesses?


10.  How do you relate to this story?