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APA assistance for citing Institute for Healthcare Improvement : APA : Chapters in Courses on with Author and Editors

APA assistance for citing Institute of Healthcare Management.

Chapters in Online Course with Authors and Editor

In, on the course page, the Institute of Healthcare Improvement provides a list of contributors. APA cares about authors and editors It does not use credentials or affiliations.  For example, in PS 102 this statement appears under Course Objectives as Contributors.  Make sure to check this page as this information may have changed. 


Frank Federico, RPh, Executive Director, Senior Expert Patient Safety, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Editor(s): Kathleen Vega, BA, Freelance Writer

This means that an APA citation for an online book with author and editors should be used.  Use the abbreviation Eds. for more than one editor. If just one editor it is Ed. The copyright for the site is 2015. Editors are listed first initial and then last name when used before publication name.  When editors are used in the author position, they are listed like authors. 


  • If no date, use (n. d.).  If a date, use (2009).
  • Title in italics only capitalizing 1) the first word 2) a word after a colon 3) a proper noun/phrase


Author Last Name, First Initial. (Date). Title of resource: Subtitle. In Editor First Initial, Last Name & Editor First Initial, Last Name (Eds.), Name of Course. URL.

Federico, F. (2015). Lesson 1: Understanding the science of human factors. In K. Vega (Ed.), PS 102: Human Factors and Safety.



In the case of chapters in Online Course, you would use the name of the Author of the Chapter, if available, and publication date for in-text citations. 


(Federico, 2015) -parenthetical

Federico (2015) -narrative


  • Both direct quotations and paraphrases from other sources need a citation.  
  • All sources that are cited in text must also appear on the references page. 
  • Only cite the sources whose information you included within your paper. 
  • Use in-text citations sparingly; APA7 does not recommend over-citation. 
  • Cite all sources that are not common knowledge. 

Parenthetical vs Narrative citation: 

Parenthetical citation requires author and date in parentheses (Author last name, date). 

Narrative citation incorporates the author name and/or year in the narrative.


Narrative: Huskin (2016) suggests that classroom activities that include writing help students stay engaged. 

Narrative: In 2016, Huskin suggests that classroom activities that include writing help students stay engaged. 

Parenthetical: “Writing activities increase students’ learning and engagement” (Huskin, 2016). 

Reference Page:

Huskin, P. R. (2016). Engagement strategies for increasing student writing success. Education, 136(3), 283–290.