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ENC 1101: Written Communication - Hupfer: Assignment


Where to Start

Research Paper Assignment

Professor Hupfer 

ENC 1101 


Research Paper Issues:  Ideas to consider for use in your paper 

1:  Moby Dick 

  1. Who is the protagonist?  Why? 

  2. Examine the main characters-their strengths and weaknesses 

  3. What conflicts exists in the story 

  4. Examine biblical allusions-what are they? Why are they important? 

  1. Discuss the symbolism of the white whale-what does Moby Dick represent? 

  2. What is the theme of this book-is it about the nature of good and evil? 

2:  The Scarlet Letter 

  1. Puritan society-symbolism in the novel

  2. Who is the villain in the story?

  3. Sin and redemption-biographical influences. 

3:  Huck Finn 

  1. 19th century middle America-racism-Huck and Jim 

  2. The symbolism of the raft 

  3. Duke and Dolphin 

  4. Huck's background and education 

  1. Climax of the novel 

  2. Huck's decision 

  3. Conflict in the story 

4:  The Great Gatsby 

  1. Materialism in the 1920's 

  2. Class distinctions 

  3. Gatsby's tragedy 

  4. Daisy and Zelda 

  5. Symbolism in the novel