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APA: Article in an Online Magazine: Explanation & Example

For APA, site specific article and not just the magazine.


Elements that Make Up an APA Citation

Image of Fast Company magazine featuring Beyonce.


McCorvey, J. J. 

Publication date:

(2016, June 20).

Title of Webpage:
Beyonce, Inc.:  How AirBnB, Warby Parker, and others found inspiration in Lemonade.

Name of Magazine:

Fast Company

Paragraph numbers or slide numbers:

No page numbers. Leave blank for References.
para. (for paragraphs). Use for in-text citations.

Retrieved from information:






Examples of In-Text Citations



QUOTE “With Lemonade, Beyonce again created must-have excitement” (McCorvey, 2016, para. 31).    PARAPHRASE According to McCorvey (2016) Beyonce creates “must-have excitement” (para. 31).  SUMMARY Beyonce’s brand is continuously building up excitement and relevancy (McCorvey, 2016).

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7.01 Periodicals, pp. 198-202

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