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APA: Indirect Sources: Explanation & Example

Description on how to quote a quotation in APA.


Indirect Sources

APA advises that instead of using a Image of article with secondary quotes and a reference for that article.Secondary Source, such as a quotation from a resource at hand, that the researcher find the original source.  However, sometimes it is necessary to use a secondary source. It is advised to do so very sparingly.  This attribution should not appear in the references. The reference for this source should not be copied from the full text resource. Only items read in full text should be in the References section.  Padding a References section could also be perceived as a lapse in academic integrity and suffer penalty.  More information on Secondary Resources from APA. 





EXAMPLES: Brands have found films to be a new form of fashion media and a “new form of high gloss representation” (as cited in Soloaga & Guerrero, 2016, p. 46).    Now that film is a “theatrical spectacle, a multimedia, multisensory experience” it can drive the creative pace of image branding (as cited in Soloaga & Guerrero, 2016, p. 46).


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