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DE ENC1102: Literary Issues Essay-Eskett: 2) Using the Library Databases

A guide to complete the Literary Issues research paper for Professors Eskett and McCarthy, Dual Enrolled courses at Lakewood Ranch High School.

Library Databases: Where?

To use the SCF Virtual Library databases, start here:

Click the DATABASES tab, then "SCF DATABASES"

Alphabetical databases list

In the "Databases A-Z" list you will find the names or titles of the databases

**  Warning!   Do not search for your topic on this page, you first have to choose one of the databases listed and open it.

**  Don't know which one to choose?

You can find the links to recommended databases for this ENC1102 assignment below:

New Website: Where to Go?

Library Databases: Which ones should I use?

Recommended databases for literature analysis and current issues:

Literature databases:

General databases (good for many topics, issues, controversies, and current events):

Scholarly or peer reviewed articles: What is this?

Watch this 3 minute-video to understand what a scholarly article is, and what "peer review" means.