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Creative Writing: Getting Started

Resources for creative writing


 Creative Writing  n. writing which displays imagination or invention (sometimes differentiated from academic, journalistic, or other forms of writing which are more constrained in style or scope); also freq. (orig. U.S.) as a subject of study.

"Creative Writing."  Oxford English Dictionary. Oxford English Dictionary.






Welcome to Creative Writing


Welcome to the Research Guide for Creative Writing.

Here you will find information on the creative writing process, how to publish, and more....


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Llibrary Information


Research Help

Our librarians are here to help you succeed.  If you need help narrowing a topic, finding sources, or need to cite, we can help you.  There are librarians available on all three of our campuses.  You can make an appointment, drop in, email, phone, or use our AskALibrarian service.

You can find more information including our hours of operation by clicking here