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Student Athlete Research Guide: Getting Started

A research guide for SCF athletes

Library Glossary

What are they talking about?

Common library terminology can help you figure it out.

  • Call number: a set of letters and numbers identifying a particular item in a library collection. Most university libraries (including UNF) use the Library of Congress Classification. Most public libraries use the Dewey Decimal Classification.
  • Library textbooks are to use in the Library only - they cannot be taken outside of the Library.
  • SCF Libraries do not have copies of every course material and/or textbook, but do for the most common and General Education courses, depending on the Campus. For example:
    • ENC1101 and 1102, and many Literature books
    • SPC1608
    • MAT1033, MAC1104, MGF1106/1107, and many other Math books
    • AMH1010 and 1020, and other History books
    • CHM, BSC, and other Science books, as well as some Nursing books
    • ... and more! 
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL): a system by which one library obtains a work for a user by borrowing it from another library. ( Ask us if you need  a book from another library.
  • Journal: a periodical containing articles and current information on research and development in a particular area of study. Journals may be more like a magazine or they may be academic in nature. See the Doing Research tab in this guide for more information on academic/scholarly, peer-reviewed, and refereed journals.
  • Library catalog:  Search the online catalog for books, ebooks amd more.
  • Research database: provides descriptive information (title, author, date, subjects, summary or abstract) for periodical articles and other information. Many databases also contain the full-text of the articles.
  • To find books, ebooks articles amd more log on the the library website 

Your library staff

Contact one of our SCF librarians for help with your research. Bradenton, 941-752-5305.


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