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Professor E. Scott-ENC1101: Getting Started


Getting Started



Welcome to the Assignment Guide to ENC 1101- Professor E. Scott

I am Theresa, your ENC 1101 Librarian.  If you have questions, send me an email, or visit me at the

SCF Venice Library




Professor Edward Scott

Group Project:  Annotated Bibliography

Word Count:  1,000


  1.  Get into 12 groups of 2 people
  2. Each group collaborates and chooses a theme related to happiness for a faux research paper.
  3. Each group writes the title of the faux paper at the top of their first page (under your names, the date, etc) and a 100-word summary (called an Abstract) of what this faux research paper is about, bases on the themes you choose.  This object is called an abstract. Abstracts are objective and their purpose is to summarize. It should provide a short overview of the faux article and communicate the main points and themes. Don’t worry. After you show me your draft in class, I will provide you some guidance.
  4. Next come the annotated citations. You do not write a research paper. Instead, during class, in the library and elsewhere, each group finds distinct sources relevant to their faux research paper and writes annotations (aka summaries) that could be used if they were to actually write this research paper. (Hint: You may be able to use the articles and book related to these annotated citations when you work on your argumentative essay.
  5. If you follow this example, with a 100-word abstract atop a 1,000 annotated bibliography, the two team members will combine to write approximately 13 70-word annotated citations.
  6. Each student must sign off on having proofread his or her group members’ work to ensure that you are both on the same page and using MLA style correctly and consistently.
  7. The point of this assignment is not to see who can write the most annotated citations. The point is for your first assignment of this course to be one where you can learn about MLA Style, learn how to write annotated citations and place them in a bibliography, learn from each other (collaborate), share your strengths and produce a quality product.

MLA8 Citation Style


For MLA 8 citation help, visit our citation guide

Or visit a librarian.

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