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Science Online

New Science Database: Science Online

Science Online Database

With a wealth of content and a dynamic design that facilitates STEM research and learning, the award-winning Science Online offers a comprehensive overview of a broad range of scientific disciplines. Topic Centers feature specially selected content on core science disciplines to help students find a starting point for their research, and students can also access the full, updated content of our unique science eLearning Modules, which target a variety of core topics and feature valuable Teacher Support materials for seamless in-class integration. Plus, interactive science experiments that come with lesson objectives, data tables for findings, and analysis of expected results allow students to replicate the in-class laboratory experience in a safe and user-friendly environment.

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Trial: Visible Body by Ovid


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New Database

Visible Body - Overview

3D human anatomy multimedia modules covering anatomy, physiology, muscles, the skeleton, and the circulatory system.

Key features of each module:

- Interactive 3D models, animations, quizzes, and more
- 3D anatomy visualization resources used to interact and explore the human body
- Used for reference, learning, and on-the-job patient education
- Ideal for faculty and students in the classroom as well as healthcare professionals at work
- A flexible variety of programs to choose based on your institutional needs and budget
- Available online and mobile app for iPad®, iPhone®, or Android®

How does it work?

- Peel away structures and layers from head to toe, rotate anatomical models, and dive deep into the systemic and regional anatomy
- Complement textbook and classroom-based learning with interactive resources that support learning objectives
- Coverage ranges from complete system overview to premium specialty modules
- Access a variety content type including animations, illustrations, definitions, audio pronunciations, quizzes, and more
- Produced by awarding-winning team of medical illustrators and biomedical visualization experts belonging to the Association of Medical Illustrators

Modules include:

  • Human Anatomy Atlas
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Premium Specialty Modules
  • Heart & Circulatory Premium
  • Muscle Premium
  • Skeleton Premium

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