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Printers & Copiers: Printers & Copiers

Printing with your SCF ID Card

Your SCF ID Card

The copiers and computer printer in the Library use your SCF username (MySCF login) and password to print your documents and pay. You can also use your SCF ID card (not the credit card SCF OneCard) as a print/copy card in the printers. 

Every student begins the semester with a $5.00 printing credit.  Once you have used up these funds, you will need to add value to your account using the Papercut website.  

Printing costs .10 cents per page to print in black and white, .20 cents to print in color. The cost is deducted from your SCF ID.  The copiers and printers do not take cash or change.

Please ask at the desk if you need assistance the first time you print.



Community Patrons:

* Printing not available for community (non-SCF) patrons. * 

Reciprocal Borrowers registered as SCF Guests can create a printing account, but it takes 48 hours to be set up.

See staff at Front Desk if you are a community user.



Library Access Services, Supervisor