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AMH 1010: U.S. History - DeMoran

Research Paper Assignment


Welcome to the Research Guide for American History with Professor DeMoran. In this guide you will find resources you will need for your project.


Research Paper Guidelines

There will be one research paper for this course.  The paper should be approximately 3 - 5 pages in length (not including the bibliography), double-spaced (12 pt. font), or approximately 900 to 1300 words.  A good quality paper will be well-organized, observe proper citation format, contain good grammar with few spelling errors, and provide both proper context and supporting information as it relates to your topic. Please choose one of the following options below for your research paper topic:

1. Choose your own topic relating in some way to a subject covered in the Give Me Liberty textbook. You must obtain the instructor's approval for your chosen topic.  It can be a descriptive essay about an aspect of a historical time period, a persuasive essay arguing your position on a controversial historical subject, or some other essay form that relates in some way to a topic covered in the textbook.


2. Pick one book and write a review about it. The book you choose should relate in some way to concepts covered in the textbook.  Instructor approval is strongly encouraged.  The book should be properly cited with the body of the paper and on the bibliographic page.  You must include outside sources as well and compare or contrast them to your chosen book.  Each book review should summarize the book, describe the author, and assess how the book contributes to our understanding of the subject matter it covers.

All papers, regardless of the topic, must contain at least three (3) sources, properly cited in the paper and included on the bibliography page. At least two(2) of them must be outside sources not found in your textbook.  However, you may use the textbook to count as one of the sources if you want to do so.  Books, magazines, historical journal, and many websites are acceptable sources. (Do not use Wikipedia, though, and please evaluate all sources as best as you can). In-text citations are required and should be used throughout the body of the paper

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