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ENC 1102 : Contemporary Poetry Analysis - Masucci

Does your assignment require you write about a new poem that has not been researched or written about? This guide is for you.

Researching Poetry

Search Library Resources. -- Narrow your search to format. You can select ebooks, books. scholarly journal articles, newspapers, digital video and more. Search by subject or keyword using the following headings. Add your author as a keyword to narrow the search. You may narrow or expand your search by literary time period ( Beat, Harlem Renaissance ), form of poetry ( epic, free verse ), national/regional terms ( American, Arab, African American ) or other more specific subject areas ( women, history, war ). The Library catalog search brings up print resources, electronic and audio books.

American or English Poetry
History and criticism
Criticism and interpretation
Literary form
Poetic works


JSTOR is Professor Masucci Recommended for his online contemporary Poetry assignment.

"Outside the Box" Research Ideas: