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FAQs : How to Find Textbooks or Course Reserves

The Library does not buy textbooks, however, some Faculty donate textbooks to be used in the Library only. They cannot be checked out and removed from the Library.


Course Reserves @ SCF Libraries

  • Library textbooks are to use in the Library only - they cannot be taken outside of the Library.
  • SCF Libraries do not have copies of every course material and/or textbook, but do for the most common and General Education courses, depending on the Campus. For example:
    • ENC1101 and 1102, and many Literature books
    • SPC1608
    • MAT1033, MAC1104, MGF1106/1107, and many other Math books
    • AMH1010 and 1020, and other History books
    • CHM, BSC, and other Science books, as well as some Nursing books
    • ... and more! 

Textbook not listed? Request a Textbook we don't have