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Florida Teens Read (FTR) List

Books for high school students

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Florida Teens Read

A booklist for grades 9th - 12th

About Florida Teen Reads (FTR)

About Florida Teen Reads (FTR)

The Florida Teens Reads (FTR) program is a student-choice reading award program to determine which YA book wins the annual award as the favorite of teens in Florida.  The reading list is comprised of fifteen titles that have been chosen by a committee of twelve school librarians specifically to engage high school students (grades 9 through 12) in reading and reflect their interests as well as represent a variety of genres, formats, reading, levels, viewpoints, and ethnic and cultural perspectives.  The committee meets in the spring to select the fifteen titles to comprise the next school year's list.  They then immediately start to read YA books for the following year's list.  In October, at the FAME annual conference, the committee narrows down the long list of hundreds of titles they have read that have a publishing date of the current and previous year to the short list of seventy-five titles.  In the late spring, the committee meets again to discuss which books will make the final list of fifteen titles, taking into account their student's opinions as well students reviews.