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ENC 1101: Written Communication - Fitch: Getting Started


Welcome to the Assignment Guide to ENC 1101- Professor D. Fitch

I am Theresa, your ENC 1101 Librarian.  If you have questions, send me an email, or visit me at the

SCF Venice Library


Writing Assignment

Written Communication-ENC 1101

Professor D. Fitch

                          Cause/Effect Essay 


                     1:  Write an essay of about 1,500 words. 

                       2:  You must cite at least eight appropriate sources. 

                       3.  Label your introduction and conclusion strategy. 

                       4:  Present a reasonable thesis. 

                       5.  Limit your essay to a discussion of major causes or effects. 

                       6:  Follow MLA style, especially in your citations and on the Works Cited page. 

                       7:  Plagiarism will earn no credit.  See me if you are not sure how to cite an author. 

                       8.  Turn in copies of your sources and highlight the borrowed information. 

                       9.  A preliminary draft of your Works Cited page.

                     10: Cause or effect essay draft.

                     11.  Essay revision.


MLA9 Citation Style



For this assignment you can use following databases:

 NewsBank, Academic Search Complete, Gale eBoooks, JSTOR (links provided) 

For MLA 9 citation help, visit our citation guide

Or visit a librarian.

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