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Instructor Resources for Health Professions

Library services and assets available for Dental Hygiene, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Radiography instructors.

Health professionals: what can the library do for you?

Health Professions Library Services Available

Health Professions Instructors: Here's What the Library Can do for YOU.


  • Librarians are available for:
    • Library services orientation.
    • Research practices & citation instruction.
    • Direct consultation with students on research tasks.
  • Available in multiple modalities: Face to face (in library or your classroom), Virtual (via Teams), Hybrid (Face to Face and Livestreamed to Teams)
  • For more information and to request instruction, click here.

Library Study Aids

Custom Library Guides

  • We can build you a custom web based " Lib Guide" with direct links to databases, eBooks, websites and other recommended material.
  • Lib Guides can connect to other guides with helpful information such as research and citation help.
  • Lib Guides can also integrate into Canvas courses.
  • Samples of our guides - we welcome collaboration to ensure we stay up to date on changing program requirements and to align our resources with your instructional practice.