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Instruction on Demand

Fall 2022 Classes Menu


3 Steps to Request a Class:

  1. Select your preferred modality.
  2. Select the topics to be covered.
  3. Place your request below.

1. Pick a modality 


A. Virtual instruction live/synchronous:

  • Live on TEAMS. Students can join from the classroom* or from home. TEAMS offers closed captions.
  • Interactive, in real time, including Q&A. 
  • Quizzes provided for assessment at the end of the lesson. 


B. Virtual instruction/asynchronous:

  • Instructional materials, prepared for your course (video tutorials, customized lists or guides, etc. )
  • These can be embedded in Canvas.
  • Librarians accessible for follow-ups.
  • Quizzes can be provided for assessment after watching the videos or using the materials. 


C. Hybrid instruction:

  • Combination of a short face-to-face presentation with virtual interaction (before or after).
  • Two options:
    • Flipped lesson: students watch videos or materials before coming to the Library for a follow-up or Q&A in person.
    • Short lecture lesson: librarian presents a 15-minute demonstration in the Library, and students can ask questions later by email/chat/etc. Can also be followed by watching videos and video tutorials.
  • Quizzes for assessment can be provided.


D. Face-to-face instruction:

  • In person: in a Library classroom (Bradenton and Venice) or in your classroom (Lakewood Ranch). 
  • Length and topics can be adjusted (see menu), assessment quizzes provided in the classroom or as follow-up.


* Instructor must ensure that the classroom is equipped for TEAMS.

2. Select topics:


Option # Title / Suggested time Content Assessment Mapping

Overview of Library Services

  • Library services policy
  • Library resources (print & digital)
  • Library website overview

General Research: Basic

  • How to research with Library resources
  • Types of sources and purposes
  • How to find books, eBooks, & more
  • How to use Databases with examples/recommended

ACRL Framework:  Research as Inquiry

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Management of Information


General Research: Advanced

  • Requires students having taken Basic first.
  • Advanced research strategies, Boolean operators, etc.
  • Searching tips and tools in catalog and databases
  • Applying filters and other techniques to refine results

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Scholarship as conversation

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Learning Resources + Knowledge Base.


Specific Topics Research

  • Recommended databases and resources for specific topics.
  • Searching techniques and suggestions for specific disciplines or topics.

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Scholarship as conversation

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Learning Resources + Knowledge Base.



  • Brief overview of plagiarism and documentation/ethics
  • How to cite most common sources
  • How to find and use citation tools or guides

ACRL Framework: Information has Value

Dearing: Category A: Definition of Knowledge and Understanding - Ethical Issues


Evaluation of Sources

  • How to evaluate sources for accuracy, relevance, etc.

Optional: Activity using an evaluation tool, e.g. CRAAP test or other (allow more time).

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Information has Value

Dearing Category B: Cognitive/Intellectual Skills  - Evaluation 



Custom lesson


  • Special lesson, activity, or series of lessons aligned with a specific learning outcome, topic, project, or assignment.
  • Can be presented live/synchronous on Teams, or in a series of videos and tutorials.

Please collaborate with librarians to design a lesson for your specific needs.



Remember that we can also offer specific workshops around the dates of your assignments!


3. Click the box to submit your request:


Submit your request for library instruction

Please contact any of the librarians if you have questions.