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Academic Continuity                       

Faculty Resources for Times of Disruption                             


Academic continuity refers to the ability of providing instructional delivery during periods of disruption of normal activities on campus. Hurricanes or other weather conditions, power outages, or health emergencies might result in classes being conducted differently. 

The SCF Librarians can assist faculty by providing resources when working on alternative assignments or ways to deliver instruction.

Please explore the resources below, and if you have questions or suggestions, please contact the SCF Librarians.


* About "Ask a Librarian" : When the campuses are closed, if our SCF staff is working, the SCF Librarians operate the Ask a Librarian chat. If our staff is not working, librarians from other institutions will reply to Ask a Librarian Chat. *

Alternative assignment resources

Preparing alternative assignments


SCF Libraries Databases

Databases contain articles, streaming video, images, ebooks, & more. 

TIP: Find databases that might have materials for your classes by opening the "All subjects" drop-down menu and searching by subject 


Library Databases with Streaming Videos

Some of these videos can be embedded directly to Canvas. Ask a librarian if you need assistance.


Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open educational resources (OER) are free and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for teaching, learning, research, and other purposes.  These resources are increasingly seen as playing an important role in efforts to address the high cost of textbooks. The librarians at SCF are actively involved in supporting these efforts, and are collaborating with faculty and professional colleagues across the college to help locate, identify, and evaluate OER from a variety of sources. 


Student Workshops 

Live workshops in Teams: research help, citation help, and more.


Library Guides

Created by SCF Librarians for specific courses, topics, or assignments. Ask a librarian if you need assistance.

Embedding Library Guides (LibGuides) to Canvas


Before or after campus closings:


Recording your lectures or instructions for students:

If you have to record a video with instructions, or a series of video lectures to supplement readings, we have resources for you at the SCF Libraries in all campuses:


Check out equipment: cameras, microphones, or other equipment


Use our recording rooms:


Use interactive screens:

Record yourself using our Microsoft Hubs or TrueTouch screens to demonstrate something on a big screen or use a digital whiteboard.


Create content:

The SCF Libraries have computers with Digital Media software (Adobe Creative Cloud.) 


Faculty Room:

Study Room #112 in the Bradenton Campus (Bldg. 3) can be reserved by Faculty to meet with a student. Cleaning protocols and masks are required. Faculty only can reserve this room in our Reservations page.