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Covid-19 and SCF Libraries


Academic Continuity                       

Faculty Resources                             


Academic continuity refers to the ability of providing instructional delivery during periods of disruption of normal activities on campus. The SCF Librarians provide resources to facilitate this process for Faculty working on alternative assignments or ways to deliver instruction.

Please explore the resources below, and if you have questions or suggestions, please contact the SCF Librarians.


The SCF Libraries are currently open for SCF Students & Staff only (hours).

Masks and social distancing guidelines are required, and certain services might be unavailable.

Faculty Room:

Study Room #112 in the Bradenton Campus (Bldg. 3) can be reserved by Faculty to meet with a student. Cleaning protocols and masks are required. Faculty only can reserve this room in our Reservations page.

Alternative assignment resources

Preparing alternative assignments


SCF Libraries Databases

Databases contain articles, streaming video, images, ebooks, & more. 

TIP: Find databases that might have materials for your classes by opening the "All subjects" drop-down menu and searching by subject 


Library Databases with Streaming Videos

Some of these videos can be embedded directly to Canvas. Ask a librarian if you need assistance.


Student Workshops 

Live workshops in Teams: research help, citation help, and more.


Library Guides

Created by SCF Librarians for specific courses, topics, or assignments. Ask a librarian if you need assistance.

Embedding Library Guides (LibGuides) to Canvas


Spring 2021 Library Instruction Classes

Following the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota's return to campus guidelines, the SCF Librarians offer opportunities for Library Orientations and Library Instruction classes in different modalities, as follows.

Please select a modality, topics, and place your request as indicated below.

If you have questions, please contact your librarian-liaison.

1. Pick a modality 


A. Virtual instruction live/synchronous:

  • The librarian presents the lesson live, through Teams. Instructor receives a link and connects to Teams from the classroom* or students/instructor connect from home.
  • Instructor and students can be together in the classroom or remotely, the librarian presents on the screen, but interaction is live in real time, including Q&A. 
  • Meeting can be recorded and later added to Canvas for students to re-watch as needed.
  • Teams is accessible with live captions option. 
  • Quizzes provided for assessment at the end of the lesson. 
  • Follow up with librarian by chat/email/phone as needed. 


B. Virtual instruction asynchronous:

  • Librarians provide instructional materials (one or more short videos, video tutorials, customized library guides, etc.) 
  • The instructor can task the students with watching/using the materials and asking follow-up questions to the librarian by chat/email/phone.
  • The librarian can also be embedded in the Canvas course to monitor a discussion forum or answer questions. 
  • Quizzes can be provided for assessment after watching the videos or using the materials. 


C. Hybrid instruction:

  • Combination of a short face-to-face presentation with virtual interaction.
  • Two options:
    • Flipped lesson: students watch videos or materials before class and come to the Library for a 15-minute follow-up or Q&A in person.
    • Short lecture lesson: librarian presents a 15-minute demonstration in the Library, and students can ask questions later by email/chat/etc. Can also be followed by watching videos and video tutorials.
  • Quizzes for assessment can be provided.
  • Students & faculty coming to the F2F in the Library portion will be expected to follow Covid-19 Library Procedures including but not limited to wearing face covering, maintaining social distance, following guided paths, etc. 


* Instructor must ensure that computer in classroom podium includes an installed webcam, or request IT to have one installed before the class date.

2. Select topics:


Option # Title / Suggested time Content Assessment Mapping

Overview of Library Services

  • Library services policy
  • Library resources (print & digital)
  • Library website overview

General Research: Basic

  • How to research with Library resources
  • Types of sources and purposes
  • How to find books, eBooks, & more
  • How to use Databases with examples/recommended

ACRL Framework:  Research as Inquiry

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Management of Information


General Research: Advanced

  • Requires students having taken Basic first.
  • Advanced research strategies, Boolean operators, etc.
  • Searching tips and tools in catalog and databases
  • Applying filters and other techniques to refine results

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Scholarship as conversation

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Learning Resources + Knowledge Base.


Specific Topics Research

  • Recommended databases and resources for specific topics.
  • Searching techniques and suggestions for specific disciplines or topics.

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Scholarship as conversation

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Learning Resources + Knowledge Base.



  • Brief overview of plagiarism and documentation/ethics
  • How to cite most common sources
  • How to find and use citation tools or guides

ACRL Framework: Information has Value

Dearing: Category A: Definition of Knowledge and Understanding - Ethical Issues


Evaluation of Sources

  • How to evaluate sources for accuracy, relevance, etc.

Optional: Activity using an evaluation tool, e.g. CRAAP test or other (allow more time).

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Information has Value

Dearing Category B: Cognitive/Intellectual Skills  - Evaluation 



Custom lesson


  • Special lesson, activity, or series of lessons aligned with a specific learning outcome, topic, project, or assignment.
  • Can be presented live/synchronous on Teams, or in a series of videos and tutorials.

Please collaborate with librarians to design a lesson for your specific needs.



In addition: Make sure to check the Online Workshops presented throughout the semester in Teams:


3. Click the box to submit your request:


Submit your request for library instruction

Please contact any of the librarians if you have questions.

COVID-19 & Your Students

The following document published by The Chronicle of Higher Education includes articles about remote learning, caring for your students' mental health, leading through crises, etc.

Remember that SCF Libraries provide access to The Chronicle of Higher Education as part of our eResources:

Helpful links

Online Instruction / "Keep Teaching" Guides

The following links represent some examples of guides from SCF and other colleges or universities, on how to add online components to face-to-face classes:

Reliable Information

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources

The following links contain reliable information about the Coronavirus pandemic:

*Includes updated statistics of cases in Florida