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Faculty Services

Information and resources for faculty

Welcome, faculty!

The SCF Libraries provide a wide range of resources and services for you. 

Find your librarian: department liaisons

SCF Librarians are available for consultation about specific resources to support teaching and learning, development of assignments that support information fluency, and the use of technology to enhance the discovery of knowledge. We can come to your office for an individual consultation, or you can meet with us in our offices at the Bradenton or Venice libraries or at the learning commons at Lakewood Ranch.


Resources for your professional practice:


For your personal enrichment:

As SCF employees, faculty also have access to our collections of popular and recreational readings (books, ebooks, and audiobooks), free subscriptions to electronic magazines (Flipster database,) DVDs and streaming films (Feature Films database), and many other resources for your personal interests. 

Customized instruction lessons

Select one or more options/segments from the menu below and place your request: 

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Information Fluency Instruction Menu

Option # Title Suggested time Content Assessment Mapping
1 Welcome to the Library 10-15 min
  • Welcome
  • Librarian introduction
  • Basic services & policies

Optional: Building Tour (allow more time)

​   -------

2 Overview of Library Services 15 min
  • Library services
  • Library resources (print & digital)
  • Library website overview
3 General Research: Basics 30-40 min
  • How to research with Library resources
  • Types of sources and purposes
  • How to find books, eBooks, & more
  • How to use Databases with examples/recommended

ACRL Framework:  Research as Inquiry

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Management of Information

4 General Research: Advanced 30-40 min
  • Advanced research strategies
  • Searching tips and tools in catalog and databases
  • Applying filters and other techniques to refine results

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Scholarship as conversation

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Learning Resources + Knowledge Base.

5 Specific Topics Research 30-40 min

** Requires previous faculty/librarian collaboration **

  • Recommended resources for specific topics
  • Searching techniques and suggestions for specific disciplines or topics.

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Scholarship as conversation

Dearing: Category C: Key/Transferrable Skills - Learning Resources + Knowledge Base.

6 Documentation/Citing 15 min
  • Brief overview of plagiarism and documentation/ethics
  • How to cite most common sources
  • How to find and use citation tools or guides

ACRL Framework: Information has Value

Dearing: Category A: Definition of Knowledge and Understanding - Ethical Issues

7 Evaluation of Sources 15 min
  • How to evaluate sources for accuracy, relevance, etc.

Optional: Activity using an evaluation tool, e.g. CRAAP test or other (allow more time).

ACRL Framework: Research as Inquiry + Information has Value

Dearing Category B: Cognitive/Intellectual Skills  - Evaluation 

8 Custom lesson Varies

** Requires previous faculty/librarian collaboration **

  • Special lesson, activity, or series of lessons aligned with a specific learning outcome, topic, project, or assignment.


Submit your request for library instruction

Please contact any of the librarians if you have questions.

Lesson examples

Examples of Library Instruction Sessions

1 - 2 - 3 : ENC1101 Library Instruction ( 1 hour-session):

Option 1: Welcome

+ Option 2: Overview of services

+ Option 3: General Research: Basics


1 -2 - 5: SPC 1608 Library Instruction (1 hour-session):

Option 1: Welcome

+ Option 2: Overview of services

+ Option 5: Specific Topics Research: Databases and resources for specific assignments, such as Persuasive/Argumentative Speeches, etc.


1 - 4: ENC 1102: Literature Criticism Instruction (50 min-session)

Option 1: Welcome 

+ Option 4: General Research: Advanced (40 min): Review of basic use of library databases and catalog, followed by specific search strategies for Literature Criticism databases, including overview of types of sources (reference versus criticism), specific databases, etc.


1 - 5: BSC 2085: Anatomy & Physiology Research Instruction (50 min-session)

Option 1: Welcome

+ Option 5: Specific Topics: Demonstration and practice with using "Visible Body" and "ACLAND" databases, including tools such as note-taking, searching for disorders related to the systems, etc.