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ENC 1101: Written Communication-Ruffner



Welcome to ENC 1101

Professor Courtney Ruffner Grieneisen

"Organized Crime" Assignment




For this assignment you will need to:

  • You will research and write about alleged mafia crime figures.
  • You will be required to complete a crime journal (researching on your chosen crime figure and summarizing each article, chapter, etc and highlighting important info that may be used for your research paper)
  • You will be required to complete a 5-7 page argumentative research paper based on the figure.
  • You will need to make some kind of argument about the crime figure based on the research material you have collected.

Crime Figures

Joseph Bonanno                Joseph Valachi 

John Gotti                          Charles “Lucky” Luciano 

Sammy Gravano               Santos Trafficante Jr. 

Sam Giancana                  Vito Genovese 

Jimmy Hoffa                      Vincent “Chin” Gigante 

Paul Castellano                Whitey Bulger 

Joe Profaci                        Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel 

Al Capone                         Joe Colombo 

Albert Anastasia               MIchael “The Nose” Mancuso 

Carlo Gambino                  Domenico Cefalu