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EAP Research Collection: Getting Started

Getting Started

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Topic: Children and Sports


Topic:  Children and Sports

Articles:  Children’s Experience of Sport: What Do We Really Know?  

                     Author: Lynne McPherson

               Study on the influence of exercise on children's cognitive learning ability

                      Author:  Tao Pan

                Benefits of Surfing for Children With Disabilities:  A Pilot Study: 

                     Author:  Cortney Armitano

                Collaboration Between Special and Physical Education

                     Author:  Emily Klein and Aleksandra Hollingshead

               Learning to Play and Playing to Learn

                     Author: Ann Rosewater

              Organized Sports for Children and Preadolescents





Topic: Internet Gaming Addiction


Topic:  Internet Gaming Addiction

Articles:   Internet Gaming Addiction:  Reasons, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

                   Author:  Argiris V. Karapetsas, Vasilios A. Karapetsas, Nikos X. Zygouris, & Apostolos I. Fotis

          Problem Gaming:  A Short Primer

               Author:  Thomas Gorman, Douglas Gentile, & C. Shawn Green

          Is video game addiction really an addiction?  Adding video gaming to the list of recognized behavioral

          addictions could help millions in need.  It could pathologize a normal behavior and create a new

                 Author:  Mark Zastrow

          Impulsiveness and Video Game Addiction.  

                Author:  Daniel Irles and Ramon Morell Gomis 

              (NOTE:  Students who speak Spanish as a first language may not choose this article)

             Problems with the concept of Video Game "Addiction". Some Case Study Examples.

                       Author:  Richard T.A. Wood

               Understanding Online Gaming Addiction and Treatment Issues for Adolescents

                         Author:  Kimberly Young



Topic: Social Media, Mental Health, and Cyber Bullying


Topic:  Social Media, Mental Health, and Cyber Bullying

                Social Media:  Uncontrolled experiment on kids?

                        Author:  Doug Brunk

                Social Media and Adolescent Health

                         Author:  Maggies R. Guinta and Rita M. John

                 Is social media bad for mental health and well being?  Exploring the perspectives of adolescents.

                     Author:  Michelle O'Reilly

                Fear of Missing Out-An Essential Correlate of Social Networking Site Addiction

                   Author:  Robson

                Perceptions of Cyberbullying:  An Assessment of Perceived Severity among College Students.

                 Author:  Soba and Paez