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ENC1101 Prof. Anson: Supreme Court (SCOTUS)

Library resources for Prof. Anson's ENC1101

Supreme Court Building

Photo by Claire Anderson on Unsplash.

         Welcome to the Library Guide for ENC1101 - Prof. Anson

         I am Alicia, your ENC1101 librarian. If you have questions, send me an email, or ask for me at the

         Bradenton Library & Learning Center, Bldg. 3


    Use this Guide for the SCOTUS (Supreme Court cases) assignment

    Position/Argumentative Essay assignment

Step 1: Background materials and selecting topic

1) Background books on RESERVE:

  • Visit the SCF Library Bradenton (hours) and request to see the RESERVE collection for Prof. Anson's SCOTUS assignment. Bring your SCF ID!
  • These books can be checked-out to use only in the Library, to give you the opportunity to find your topic and cases, and get background information about them.
  • Make sure to get the information you need to cite the book properly.
  • Make copies of pages to include in your assignment.
  • Return the book to the front desk.

Step 2: In-depth research

2) Research:

This assignment requires 5-8 sources (no more than 3 electronic.)

To find these sources, you can use the "Library Catalog" and the "Library Databases" as shown below.

Searching the Library Catalog (use for books)

Type-in your topic in the box below to search the "Library Catalog" also called "Quick Search"

This "all-in-one search" includes books, ebooks, videos, articles & more:

Searching Library Databases (electronic sources)

Websites (not Library databases, but reliable sources of electronic content):

Step 3: Citing

Documenting your research: Avoid plagiarism!

  • Always cite the sources you use, even if you "paraphrase" (put it into your own words.)
  • If you copy+paste the citation provided in the database's "Citation Tool", check the rules and CORRECT any mistakes.
  • When in doubt... ask a librarian!

Citing Guides

Link to Citing Guides


Test your knowledge

If the quiz doesn't open, click here: "ENC1101 Summer19 by ProProfs" to open in a new window.

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