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ENC 1101: Written Communication - Bojanowski - Animal Farm: Getting Started

Resources for Prof. Bojanowski's assignment about the book Animal Farm

Research Sources about Animal Farm, by George Orwell

ENC 1101 - Professor Bojanowski

TED Ed Videos

Tavlin, Noah. “What ‘Orwellian’ Really Means: Noah Tavlin.” YouTube, uploaded by TED-Ed, 1 Oct. 2015,

Gendler, Alex. “How to Recognize a Dystopia: Alex Gendler.” YouTube, uploaded by TED-ED, 15 Nov. 2016,

Biographies: Geroge Orwell

"George Orwell: A Concise Biography" Video Biography (From "Films on Demand" database)

Book cover of Critical Insights: George Orwell

Biography of George Orwell:

Rossi, John P. "Biography Of George Orwell." Critical Insights: Orwell, George, edited by John Rodden, Salem, 2012. Salem Online, Accessed 25 Aug. 2022,

Whole book:

Rodden, John (Editor). Critical Insights: George Orwell, Salem, 2012. Salem Online,


Literature Criticism: eBooks

Selected examples of electronic books with criticism on Animal Farm:


Search for more articles, criticism, or other sources in the following databases:

Infographic about Animal Farm

“Animal Farm: Infographic.” Course Hero, 2022,