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ENC1101 - Overbeck: Assignment Guide


Hello ENC1101!

I'm Natalie, your librarian.

Feel free to visit me in the library (building 3!) or email me!

This guide includes resources for Professor Overbeck's essay assignments.
Search the library - use our quick search to get started.

Research Process

Starting the process:

  1. Read the assignment carefully
  2. Identify the assignment requirements 
    • What do you need to find/ research?
    • Citation requirement?
    • Paper length?
    • Sources?
  3. Use the Research Companion to get started

The research process:

  1. Choose some databases that may be helpful
  2. Choose your keywords - identify synonyms and try some different searches
  3. Organize and evaluate information - is it relevant? from a scholarly source?
  4. Write draft, proofread, and ensure all citations are included
  5. CITE anything you take from sources!


General Databases:
Literary Databases:
Argumentative Databases

Additional Resources

How to use the library!

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