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ENC 1102 Prof. Anson: Getting Started

Resources from the SCF Libraries to prepare Prof. Anson's assignments




          Welcome to the Library Guide for ENC1102 - Prof. Anson

If you have questions, contact a librarian or use the Ask a Librarian tab on the right.

The Librarian liaison for this class is Alicia Long (email Alicia)

Poetry: Powerpoint Assignment

Research Paper: Short Story

Poetry Assignment

Poetry research & analysis:

To search for articles or essays that discuss poems and their themes, search in the following databases:


  • In the search box, type the title of the poem in quotation marks (for ex: “Go and Catch a Falling Star”) or by the name of the poet.
  • If you can't find articles that discuss the poem, try making the search broader, for example: about the poet and the theme (for ex: "Langston Hughes" and survival,) the context of the poem, the time period and the name of the poet, etc.

Research Paper: Getting ready

Your ENC1102 Research Paper requires the following sections:

  • A page (give or take) of an overview of the author’s life
  • A page (give or take) about the story in which your character appears
  • A page (give or take) analyzing the character’s impact or significance to the story

The SCF Libraries have resources to search for articles, books, ebooks, etc. for each of those sections.

Some resources will give you enough material for more than one of those sections, but the guidelines below provide suggested tools for each of them:

Research Paper: Information about the author

To find biographies and articles about the author, open one of the links below and type in their name in the search box.

TIP! Some of the databases have a TAB on the top or a FILTER on the side that will limit the results to "BIOGRAPHIES"


Research Paper: Information about the story

In the following databases, type in the title of the story in the search box.

You will find many articles, make sure to look for those that are "Literature Criticism"

You can also add a keyword, such as: "A Rose for Emily" and "symbolism."

TIP! When you see an article that might be useful, send it to your email (there is an email icon or function in all databases.)


Research Paper: Information about the character

Two ways to search for characters' analysis:

  1. Search in the same databases mentioned above, by typing the short story title and the character's title. (For ex: "Hills Like White Elephants" and "Jig")
  2. Search in the Gale eBooks database below.   Find the article for your story that comes from "Short Stories for Students". This essay usually has a special section about characters. Look on the right side where it says "Article Contents."

Research Paper: Searching for eBooks

One of the requirements for this assignment is to use at least one book.

The SCF Libraries have many books available as "electronic books" or "eBooks".

Search for eBooks in the "Quick Search." You can follow the instructions in the video below to find eBooks and access them.

Guide for citing in MLA

Documenting your research: Avoid plagiarism!

  • Always cite the sources you use, even if you "paraphrase" (put it into your own words.)
  • If you copy+paste the citation provided in the database's "Citation Tool", check the rules and CORRECT any mistakes.
  • When in doubt... ask a librarian!

Citing Guides

Link to Citing Guides


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