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Library Resources for Associate program in Early Childhood Education

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Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide 2023

The Complete Learning Disabilities Resource Guide has been a comprehensive and sought-after resource for professionals, families and individuals with learning disabilities since 1992. This twenty-third edition is the most comprehensive and current source of resources for the LD community available today, and a continual National Health Information Awards Winner for providing ".the Nation's Best Consumer Health Information Programs and Materials in the category of Health Promotion/Disease and Injury Prevention Information."

Rethinking Teacher Education

The book offers concrete and specific suggestions for improving teacher education programs, including improved strategies for selection into the program; key ingredients for pre-service course work; courses that emphasis skill development in critical areas of teaching practice and more effective evaluation of student teaching that emphasizes professional development.

Social-Emotional Learning and the Brain

Today's teachers face a daunting challenge: how to ensure a positive school experience for their students, many of whom carry the burden of adverse childhood experiences, such as abuse, poverty, divorce, abandonment, and numerous other serious social issues. Spurred by her personal experience and extensive exploration of brain-based learning, author Marilee Sprenger explains how brain science-what we know about how the brain works-can be applied to social-emotional learning.

Supporting Underserved Students

In Supporting Underserved Students: How to Make PBIS Culturally and Linguistically Responsive, Sharroky Hollie and Daniel Russell Jr. emphasize the need for alignment between PBIS and culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and learning to ensure equity for all students.

Redefining Teacher Education and Teacher Preparation Programs in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, teacher preparation programs modified their practices to fit the delivery modes of school districts while developing new ways to prepare candidates. Governmental agencies established new guidelines to fit the drastic shift in education caused by the pandemic, and P-12 school systems made accommodations to support teacher education candidates. The pandemic disrupted all established systems and norms; however, many practices and strategies emerged in educator preparation programs that will have a lasting positive impact on P-20 education and teacher education practices.

The elementary school teacher technology guidebook : 21 questions and 282 answers

This guidebook is designed to be the elementary school teacher's friend in addressing a wide variety of questions regarding the use of educational and instructional technologies. It can serve as a companion and guide through the myriad challenges and opportunities related to the effective use of technology in one's classroom and school.

Handbook of Research on Challenging Deficit Thinking for Exceptional Education Improvement

The Handbook of Research on Challenging Deficit Thinking for Exceptional Education Improvement unites current theory and practices to communicate the next steps to end the current harmful practices and experiences of exceptional students through critical analysis of current practices, mindsets, and policies. With the information this book provides, practitioners have the power to implement direct and explicit actions across levels to end the harm and liberate our most vulnerable populations.

Educators for Diverse Classrooms: A Case Study Approach to Equity and Inclusion in Education

Given the constantly changing student demographics in our public schools, teacher educators are tasked with preparing teacher candidates with reflective and critical teaching insights for reaching the needs and identities of all of our students. The authors contend that teacher educators can use controversial case study narratives to help encourage reflective thought on the ethical decision-making teachers face in complicated and sensitive issues.

Childcare Professionals: A Practical Career Guide

Welcome to the childcare field! If you are interested in a career as a childcare professionals, you've come to the right book. What exactly do these people do on the job every day? What kind of skills and educational background do you need to succeed in this field? How much can you expect to make, and what are the pros and cons of these various professions? Is this the right career path for you? How do you avoid burnout and deal with stress?

Transforming Novices into Professionals

Millions of novice teachers will be entering classrooms over the next few years. Unfortunately, due to feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and unsuccessfulmany of these teachers will not stay in education. If we are to succeed in staffing our schools with effective teachers, educational leaders must do a better job of supporting these teachers early in their careers.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Young Children

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is a framework for delivering effective and efficient services and supports to meet the needs of all young children and their families so they can achieve essential developmental and early academic learning outcomes.

Handbook of Research on Teaching Diverse Youth Literature to Pre-Service Professionals

Perspectives and identity are typically reinforced at a young age, giving teachers the responsibility of selecting reading material that could potentially change how the child sees the world. This is the importance of sharing diverse literature with today's children and young adults, which introduces them to texts that deal with religion, gender identities, racial identities, socioeconomic conditions, etc.

Deaf Education and Challenges for Bilingual/Multilingual Students

Deaf Education and Challenges for Bilingual/Multilingual Students is an essential reference book that provides knowledge, skills, and dispositions for teaching multicultural, multilingual, and immigrant deaf and hard of hearing students globally and identifies the challenges facing the inclusion needs of this population. This book fills a current gap in educational resources for teaching immigrant, multilingual, and multicultural deaf students in learning institutions all over the world. Covering topics such as universal design for learning, inclusion, literacy, and language acquisition, this text is crucial for classroom teachers of deaf or hard of hearing students, faculty in deaf education programs, language instructors, students, pre-service teachers, researchers, and academicians.

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