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Engineering Technology

Library resources and guide for Engineering Technology students.

Judging websites

Using information from websites:

While we are very proud of the internal resources we have procured for our students, we recognize that the information you need to construct your answers may be found by other respectable sources.

.gov sources: Websites whose addresses (URLs) end in .gov are published by government agencies and will often contain useful statistics and other information about topics ranging from demographics, the responsibilities of different government offices, currently active laws, proposed changes to existing rules, and more.

.edu sources: Education oriented institutions such as colleges and universities that directly publish the results of research and other information that can reasonably be expected to have been reviewed by experts in their fields.

.com/.net: These are generally commercial enterprises. Before using consider: Do the authors or owners have expertise on the topics they are providing information about? Do the content creators seem to be approaching their topic in a fair minded way or are they using insulting or provocative language to describe people and situations they dislike? Does the type of content being provided fit your research purpose?

General Online Resources

Government Resources

Engineering Resources

Engineering Resources