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Maker Commons

Digital technology & maker tools at the SCF Libraries

Bradenton Library - Room 127

Robotics & Circuits Explorations - Bradenton Campus 

 Bradenton Library & Learning Center: Building #3 Room #127

It includes the following equipment:

1) Ozobots

Picture of two Ozobot Bits in packaging - one clear, one black

Ozobot Bit:

  • Color coded markers, stickers, premade tracks, and more
  • User markers to draw lines and Ozobot uses sensors to follow
  • Code Ozobot with color codes, made with markers or stickers
  • Use Ozoblockly programming on desktop or mobile to load codes by holding Ozobot to the screen

2) Accessories

Picture of Ozobot accessories including sticker codes, Ozobot decorations/add ons, markers, and pre-made tracks

3) Snap Circuits Pro

Picture of Snap Circuits' Pro Box - featuring the text "Build over 500 exciting projects", and "Contains over 75 parts! Create your own exciting projects!"

  • Build working circuits with no soldering  or tools
  • Design your own or choose from over 500 premade builds

Robotics & Circuitry Maker Policies and Proceedures

The SCF Libraries’ Maker Commons constitute an invitation to create, learn, and explore, in order to further our students' educational goals. They may be used only for lawful purposes: see Maker Commons Terms & Conditions.

In addition to the Maker Commons Terms & Conditions, this equipment/room has the following Robotics & Circuitry Terms & Conditions

  • SCF students & staff can request use of this room by submitting a request to the SCF Library Staff, either in person or online. The Library reserves the right to refuse any request.
  • Some materials for this room are located at the circulation desk and will need to be checked-out for use.
  • Currently, the SCF Maker Commons robotics & circuitry space/equipment can be used by SCF Students or Staff for educational, college-related, or personal reasons, but please observe the following rules:
    • Leave the room clean and tidy
    • If we are getting low on any supplies, please notify a staff member so we can order more
    • Please vacate the room when your reservation time ends
  • The SCF Library currently does not charge for use of this room.

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Depending on the type of project, after you submit your request, a member of our SCF Libraries staff will contact you to finalize details.