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NUR 3870: Informatics in Healthcare



Principle 1 Authority 
Give qualifications of authors


Principle 2

Information to support, not replace


Principle 3

Respect the privacy of site users


Principle 4

Cite the sources and dates of medical information


Principle 5

Justification of claims / balanced and objective claims


Principle 6

Accessibility, provide valid contact details


Principle 7

Financial disclosure
Provide details of funding


Principle 8

Clearly distinguish advertising from editorial content


From:  Health on the Net Foundation



abstract of scholarly paper 








Weycker, D., Li X., Figueredo, J., Barron, R., Tzivelekis, & S. Hagiwara. (2016). Risk of

     chemotherapy-induced febrile neutropenia in cancer patients receiving pefilgrastim

     prophylasxis: Does timing of administration mater? Supportive Care in Cancer, 24(5),

     2309-2316. doi:10.1007/s00520-015-3036-7s00520-015-3036-7

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