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Construction Management Technology

Resources for students in the construction management technology program.

Learn how to research, cite, use library resources,

& more with the following videos and tutorials!


Important Notice:

We are moving to a new Search & Discovery system! Our librarians are currently recording new videos that explain how to use the new features. Keep checking as we are adding new tutorials every week!

Finding Resources

 Using Quick Search   Tutorial for adding a pubmed account Finding research studies                              Finding streaming videos     

Tutorials for specific courses or assignments

Intro to ENC1101 all courses Tutorial Prof. Lewis - ENC1101 Tutorial for SPC1608 Professor Williams (outline)

  SPC 1608 ChamberlainTutorial. SPC 1608: Prof. Mason                  AS Nursing video tutorial

Tutorial for SLS 1101 Dr. Green  SLS 1301 Prof. Singer Library guide video   PSY 2012 APA citation tutorial

Learning to Research

Research: Where to start  Research: Choosing a Topic Finding sources Tutorial

Research: Evaluating sources  Research: Avoiding Plagiarism

Citation Help

   Tutorial for APA7   

For Faculty

Embed library guide in Canvas  For Faculty: Fair Use