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Information Fluency Home Page

A starting point for students and instructors seeking evidence based advice on research, being an alert consumer of information, and other literacies of the information age.

What can the library do for you?

Did you know that you have a library liaison? Any librarian can help you but certain librarians have been tasked with taking a closer look at programs and working with instructors to try to identify needs the library can assist with. We are interested in building relationships with our colleagues for the purposes of developing tailored inquiry skills lessons that can be delivered by librarians or instructors, improving the quality of our print and digital collection, procuring other study aides as appropriate such as our Maker Space and health professions models.

Find your liaison and further reading about what we have to offer.

Literature Review

Did you know that we have a variety of materials you can utilize if you're interested in going deeper into the mechanics of learning and applying information fluency principles to your practice?

Some of these take the form of books. However you can also use our databases to seek out journal literature for your subject area and also information literacy / fluency. Up to date information is only an Advanced Search for your discipline away! Need a refresher? We have tutorials!

Books Available and Discussion: for more examples of this literature, use our advanced search option to conduct a Subject search for Information Literacy. Unfamiliar with our search tool? Here's a helpful refresher.

Information Fluency Research

Recent entries into the discourse. These are handpicked examples that demonstrate just how pervasive information literacy / fluency is in its consequences for our lives and discussions of specific interventions to try to understand how people react to particular strategies for delivering information and experiences.

Discovered using a Subject Search with the key words: Information Literacy and sorted by Date New.

Information and Instruction Practices

These sites have as their mission an explicit focus on exploring information literacy practices, applying those practices to learning, or represent opportunities for demonstrating the practical use of reasoning and inquiry skills.