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SPC 1608: Speech Communication - Bieselin: Getting Started

Guide for Prof. Bieselin's SPC 1608 Speech Communication courses (online or face-to-face)

Photo of woman speaking at a podium

Welcome to the SPC 1608 Library Guide for Prof. Bieselin's courses!

Please contact the SCF librarians for assistance with the information on this guide.

Prof. Bieselin's Assignments:

3 steps

As easy as 1-2-3! Follow these 3 steps to conduct research for your speeches:


Step 1: Choose and define your topic (preliminary research)

Explore the Quick Search or the recommended Databases (see the box below) to choose a topic and read about it, so you can refine it and get instructor's approval.

Create a list of keywords and other information to use when you search. Use different variations of your keywords (synonyms), and try terms that are more specific or more general, to get different results.


Step 2: Search for the following sources:

  • Books: Use Quick Search
  • Academic/Scholarly Journal articles (peer reviewed): Use Databases -see recommended below-
  • Newspapers/magazines articles: You can find them in Quick Search or in Databases. Use filters for this format.


Step 3: Use the information and cite them in APA Format

Some databases include a "Citation Tool" that helps you cite their sources. If you use it, be careful: remember to not COPY+PASTE, but instead COPY+PASTE+CORRECT.

How do you "correct" them? Check this APA Guide  or Ask a Librarian!