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SPC1608 Prof. Bieselin: Getting Started

Guide for Prof. Bieselin's SPC 1608 Speech Communication courses (online or face-to-face)

Welcome to the SPC 1608 Library Guide for Prof. Bieselin's courses!

Please contact any of the SCF librarians for assistance with the information on this guide.

Prof. Bieselin's Assignments:

Your assignments

Follow these steps to conduct research for the assignments:


Step 1: Choose and define your topic (preliminary research)

Explore recommended databases (see the box below) to choose a topic and read about it, so you can refine it and get instructor's approval.

Create a list of keywords and other information to use when you search.


Step 2: Search for the following sources:


Step 3: Use the information and cite them in APA Format

Some databases include a "Citation Tool" that helps you cite their sources. If you use it, be careful: remember to not COPY+PASTE, but instead COPY+PASTE+CORRECT.

How do you "correct" them? Check this APA Guide  or Ask a Librarian!


Remember your SCF Library login:  Borrower ID = G00 number / PIN: Last four digits of G00 number.

Step 1

The following databases are great for exploring topics:

Step 2: Searching books & ebooks

Type-in your topic in the box below to search the "Library Catalog" also called "Quick Search"

This "all-in-one search" includes books, ebooks, videos, articles & more:

Step 2: Scholarly articles, newspaper and magazine articles

Newspaper articles:

Searching for scholarly sources

Peer-reviewed articles in Academic Search Complete (and other EBSCO databases):

To search for scholarly sources that are "peer-reviewed" in databases such as "Academic Search Complete" (EBSCO), make sure to click the button with that option on the search page, as shown here:

Select full text and peer reviewed buttons

Step 3: Citing

Documenting your research: Avoid plagiarism!

  • Always cite the sources you use, even if you "paraphrase" (put it into your own words.)
  • If you copy+paste the citation provided in the database's "Citation Tool", check the rules and CORRECT any mistakes.
  • When in doubt... ask a librarian!

Citing Guides

Link to Citing Guides


Check how much you learned!