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SPC 1608: Speech Communication - Bieselin: Step 2

Guide for Prof. Bieselin's SPC 1608 Speech Communication courses (online or face-to-face)

Step 2: Quick Search

Step 2:

Narrow down your topic and search for sources to use or quote.

You will need 4 sources, and you can find them all in two places:


a) Quick Search

Here you will search for BOOKS (in paper), eBooks (electronic), and more, including different types of articles.

Use this link to open the Quick Search in a new window


Watch the video below to learn more about how to use the Quick Search


b) Databases

For articles (from journals, magazines, or newspapers) or other electronic sources, like ebooks.

Watch the following video to understand what databases are and which to choose

Recommended Databases


Newspaper articles:

Biographies / Famous People

How to identify peer-reviewed scholarly sources

Find peer-reviewed articles in Academic Search Complete (and other EBSCO databases):

Not every article from the databases or from academic journals is peer-reviewed! Only some go through an extra round of revieweing before getting published.

To search for scholarly sources that are "peer-reviewed" in databases such as "Academic Search Complete" (EBSCO), make sure to click the button with that option on the search page, as shown here:

Select full text and peer reviewed buttons